John Ellis

The New Flat Rate

October 4, 2023 9:00 am

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How To Have a Profitable Maintenance Department

Is your maintenance department losing money every time your tech goes on a call? Lets take a look at some reasons why, and some ways to turn things around. You should have a maintenance department that can turn a profit, while giving your clients superior service and great customer satisfaction.

As the owner of Dynamic Air Consulting, John works with clients on complex indoor air quality issues; and provides in-field coaching to HVAC professionals during the discovery, design, and implementation of IAQ solutions. With more than 40 years in the HVAC industry, John has spent time in several industry unions, including those for sheetmetal workers, pipefitters, and the International Union of Operating Engineers. John has also served as Project Manager on large projects at hotels, prisons, water treatment plants, and hospitals. John’s passion for IAQ led him to a year-long pilot study for the South Coast Air Quality Management District installing and testing High Performance Filtration for schools.
Before John started his consulting company, he owned and operated So Cal Air Dynamics, a performance-based HVAC contracting company. Using a unique blend of building science and forensics, and mechanical science, his company helped create clean, healthy, indoor environments for clients with severe respiratory conditions and compromised immune systems.