Emily Fleniken

Creative Director, Lemon Seed Marketing, Inc.

October 5, 2023 3:00 pm

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Marketing & Branding Jenga- Developing a Brand So Your Marketing Doesn’t Topple Over

Branding is the foundation of your marketing puzzle, yet it’s often the piece that was swept under the rug. In this session, Emily Fleniken, Creative Director of Lemon Seed Marketing, will give you buildable blocks of inspiration and application to build your branding and marketing tower.

Emily Fleniken is the co-owner and creative director of Lemon Seed Marketing, an exclusively home service industry marketing and branding agency. With a background in graphic design and production, Emily understands realistic ways to bring a brand to life. Her creative approach to becoming more recognizable and memorable has helped elevate and grow many businesses in the trades industry. She is passionate about developing brands that catapult companies to maintainable growth and building a legacy for many years to come.

Emily is co-host of the podcast, From the Yellow Chair, where she and partner Crystal Williams, dive into all things marketing, branding, business operations, and growth strategies for the trades. They’re humorous banter, but extensive knowledge will leave you laughing and learning every episode.

Emily loves charcuterie, hates wearing shoes, and is unashamed of her creative quirks. She resides in deep East Texas with her husband, Chris, and their three princesses.