Billy Stevens

Chief Executive Officer of Sera Systems, Inc.

October 4, 2023 8:00 am

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4 Secrets to Outpacing Your Competitors in the Home Service Industry

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Billy Stevens is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sera Systems, Inc., a subscription software provider for the home service industry. He bought a failing new construction plumbing business in 1996, immediately converted it to residential and commercial service followed by adding HVAC and sold it to a private equity firm for millions in 2011, leading the entry of PE investors into home services.

A serial entrepreneur and licensed Master Plumber, Billy is known as a forward thinker who achieves industry-leading levels of efficiency and profitability while earning enthusiastic customer loyalty. He is known for his expertise in helping service business owners achieve high operating efficiency and reduce overhead to substantially improve gross and net margins. Billy is a leading advocate of margin pricing over traditional markup and flat-rate systems. The software he designed presents profit & loss information that drills down to the individual job and tech performance levels.