Tucker Yarbrough

Owner, Yarbrough & Sons, Inc

October 4, 2023 9:00 am

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Recruiting and Retention: "The Field of Dreams"

"Build it, they will come." You can buy a free agent for a season or two, but imagine the heartbreak or relief that comes when they leave. "TFD" approach to recruiting & retention is based on building trust and loyalty through transparency, this mindset has led to an avg tenure of 7 years with us.

Tucker Yarbrough is the Chief Financial Officer of Yarbrough and Sons, a successful, multi generation family-owned business. Together with his brothers, Will and Kolby, and their father, Darren, Tucker plays a role in the ownership team, driving the company’s success and growth. Yarbrough and Sons has experienced remarkable achievements during his tenure as CFO. The company has witnessed an extraordinary expansion, witnessing revenue and profit margin more than double. His adeptness at managing financial resources, analyzing market trends, and implementing effective business strategies has propelled Yarbrough and Sons to new heights. Tucker has found himself “constantly lucky enough to out work his own stupidity,” and in light of that, he was a General Session Speaker at the esteemed International Round Table 2023, where he shared the stage with his brothers to inspire and educate audiences with their remarkable journey as a family-owned business. Additionally, Tucker served as an Ask-Me-Anything Speaker at the International Round Table 2023, engaging with participants and providing valuable insights into his experiences and expertise. Tucker was a breakout speaker at the International Round Table 2022, sharing his insight on Marketing, Branding, and Vision Casting within a small business. Moreover, he served as a contractor panelist at the esteemed Service World Expo 2021. Tucker was honored as one of the top 40 under 40 professionals in 2020 by HVACR Magazine, and in 2019 Yarbrough and Sons was recognized by Contracting Business Magazine as the Residential Contractor of Excellence. Tucker continues to grow the business alongside his family, with a goal of creating a business that builds success and wealth for not only him and his family, but also his entire team. His
unique blend of expertise, passion, and practical insights makes him an invaluable resource for those seeking to grow their business and create buy-in from their teams.