Renee Lucas

Owner, LCS Heating and Cooling

October 5, 2023 3:00 pm

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Build Systems In Your Business That Will Run Without You

Building systems in your business is key to owning a business that doesn't own you! In this session, you'll identify, create & implement systems that will make each department more efficient & profitable. Successful implementation & accountability will result in a business that can run without you.

Renee Lucas and her husband, Travis, started LCS Heating and Cooling in Indianapolis, IN in 2005. Ten years into their business, they were working their lives away with nothing to show for it. Admitting to themselves that they were both completely miserable, they made the hard decision to cut their workforce in half and start over. With a new focus, Renee and Travis have rebuilt LCS into a successful business with an amazing team that brings them purpose, profitability and a great work/life balance.