Power Selling Pros Workshop

Power Selling Pros

October 19, 2022 3:00 pm

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Sponsored by Power Selling Pros

Most trainers are about as much fun to listen to as a root canal. A real problem considering when folks don’t listen they don’t learn, which means the $10,000 you just blew on ABC Consulting found a new home in the company paper shredder. In this workshop, The Real Job of Customer Service, you're going to walk away with more value than you do from most training classes that you pay money for. Power Selling Pros CEO Zac Garside is going to help you turn customer service into one of your main profit drivers by sharing: Real recorded phone calls and scripting from some of the best Home Service Businesses in the industry How to become known in your market for creating the most "referral-worthy" customer experience in town How to motivate and incentivize your team to create a "WOW" experience and long