Paul Redman

VP of Sales and Success at Contractor Commerce

October 19, 2022 9:45 am

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Online Shopping for HVAC? Is it really happening? How to position your company to capture your share of the boom of online sales.

Service World Expo attendees will learn trends and insights around online shopping for HVAC & Home Service products and services and become familiar with strategies they can deploy to start selling more IAQ, Services, Memberships and fully installed HVAC and Plumbing equipment by leveraging their existing website and making it EASY for homeowners to choose to do business with their company. The online behavior of consumers has dramatically changed over the last few years, and we are going to explore ways that contractors can better prepare to take advantage of the change in the market and modern....

Paul Redman has been in the HVAC industry for 15 years. For 10 years, Paul worked for Lennox International  at the local, regional and national level in various roles from sales, eCommerce, brand marketing, retail national accounts and sales leadership. Paul has spent the last 5 years helping contractors across North America and Canada grow through advanced online strategy & eCommerce. He is also the host of the industry leading educational podcast, Change Your Filter. Paul is now the VP of Sales and Success at Contractor Commerce and is helping some of the largest and most recognized brands.