Mike Montano

CEO of ReviewBuzz

October 21, 2022 9:45 am

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5 new must-knows to get more from Google

"An NPS score is calculated based on service quality—with a high NPS score, customers turn into referrals. QR codes are making a HUGE comeback—learn how to scan one to lead right to the review site. Discover how to social proof web properties—they need this to thrive to make the sale. Google TrustRank was set up to sift through trustworthiness. Google looks at review rating, recency, frequency, and whether the business is interacting with the review by responding. Mike spent a week with a $9-million dollar a year salesman picking his brain on how he grew to his position and the why behind it."

“Mike Montano is the CEO of ReviewBuzz, a software company on a mission to help service companies get the most reviews on the site that matters most – Google.

Mike is a 20-year veteran of the home service industry, an expert in marketing local service businesses, and an authority in the field of online reputation management. He’s been sharing his digital marketing expertise with home service contractors for 10+ years.

Mike has presented at numerous home services conferences and trained at many HVAC dealers, promoting his core message of “Building a 5-Star Brand by Being Remarkable.””