Melanie Gentry

President, Comprehensive Employment Solution, Inc

October 21, 2022 9:45 am

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Business, Employees and Benefits - Stay Profitable Get Flexible!

"Are you rethinking your benefit plans as you develop performance based compensation plans? Do your employees want different benefits and you can't give everyone what they want? Flexible Benefit Plan puts you in control of your benefit budget - not benefit providers Consider your benefit package as a budget line item not a group of benefits Give employee's ""shopping power"" not just benefits you think they want Flexible Benefit Plans will attract the best and retain your valued employees Most importantly, all employees will feel you are recognizing their needs while you protect your profit!"

We have all learned over the last two years that Home Services truly are the backbone of small business in America. Melanie Gentry founded CES in 2007 to exclusively work with Home Services companies in dynamic organizations. In 2020 she was awarded the Tom McCart Consultant of the Year for her teams work navigating you through COVID. CES supports your employee management to be professional, thorough and complete. CES offers HR & Safety, compensation and payroll compliance, resourcing benefits and ALWAYS a listening ear when you have questions are some of the services and support CES offers.