Kathy Nielsen

Owner of Chicken Lady Speaks, Consultant on Operations Excellence

October 19, 2022 8:45 am

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Hit by a Truck Theory

Kathy will show you how to avoid the panic and worry that comes with someone suddenly gone. She will also cover the strategies and steps to accomplish it. This session is great for owners, managers, or office staff. It is relevant for anyone in a position to help grow a company and guide changes for great transformation. Whether you do commercial, residential or a combination for the service industry, the information is universal! You will learn strategies and some easy tools on how to get consistency in training and to eliminate the vulnerability of a company.

In the industry for 25 years, Kathy grew & polished a HVAC company into a leader in central Iowa.  Then while running a plumbing company, she helped many of her industry peers through coaching, teaching software use and how to do what she did as a successful GM.  She found her passion with coaching and teaching. She also brings the view of the other side of the picture married to a technician herself for over 26 years.  She is very passionate when talking about operations and all that encompasses.  She is known by her family, friends, and clients as loving her chickens…ChickenLadySpeaks.com