Jerry Rollins and Eddie McFarlane

Co-Hosts of Schedule Engine’s Toolshed

October 20, 2022 9:45 am

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Good Intentions, Bad Decisions

Co-Hosts of Schedule Engine’s Toolshed, Eddie McFarlane and Jerry Rollins discuss how one's psychological biases can affect your team’s ability to make rational decisions. With years of experience in different career roles under their belts, this dynamic duo has tips and tools for you to have in your toolkit—on and off the field.

With years of experience working in the trades, Eddie McFarlane and Jerry Rollins have collected loads of performance-driving tips and tools from the field. Jerry enjoys sharing proven systems, solutions, and principles to help scale teams and organizations. Eddie works with Home Service companies to build teams delivering incredible experiences that scale…and they have fun doing it! Drawing from personal experience in the trades and in leadership, Eddie & Jerry are the dynamic duo you want to hear from.