Dan Antonelli

President and Chief Creative Officer of KickCharge Creative

October 19, 2022 8:45 am

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Branded Not Blanded: Building An Epic Home Service Brand

It's never been more important to invest in your home service branding, and build a brand that is unique and disruptive. This seminar will give the blueprint for how to build a brand that stands out, attracts the right clients as well as employees, and wins the hearts and minds of your ideal customer. Covering the basics from naming, to the logistics of building disruptive wrap, you'll learn how better branding yields a much improved marketing ROI. With dozens of case studies you'll see the results their new brands have had, and the effect not only on revenue, but internal culture.

Dan Antonelli is the president and chief creative officer of KickCharge Creative, an award-winning home service branding agency which has created the brands for over 2000 home service businesses. The definitive industry expert on logo design and wrap design, he also the author 4 branding books, including his latest book “Branded not Blanded: KickChargeā„¢ Your Home Service Brand”.

Dan is frequently recruited to speak at workshops and industry trade shows as a brand master and pioneer of disruptive brand strategies and innovative wrap design techniques.