Bethany Profaizer

Vice President of Contractor Partnerships; Pearl Certification

October 21, 2022 8:45 am

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Data Speaks: Customer Insights You'll Want to Know

"Homeowners want homes that are energy efficient, healthy, low cost to operate, and easy to maintain. They also want to know they are making smart choices and spending their hard-earned cash wisely. But it’s a long journey from point A to B. What are your customers prioritizing and how are they really making purchasing decisions? We’ll glean insights from several national studies and unpack the hard data to find out what your customers are thinking, whether or not they’re telling you. And what factors seem to move the needle the most in the home comfort system sale."

Bethany manages strategic expansion and growth of the Elite Pearl Contractor Network. This includes vetting and interviewing contractors to ensure they meet Pearl’s high standards of the top 5% of contractors in the nation. During the course of her career, Bethany has worked with hundreds of contractors in various business development, sales and marketing capacities and has gained a deep understanding of contractor perspective and tactics for sustainable growth in the residential contracting sector. She resides in an energy efficient LEED and Pearl Gold home in Portland, Maine.