Ben Middleton, Jennifer Bagley, and Matthew Bratsis

Daikin Comfort Technologies; WebGroup; Optimus

October 19, 2022 8:45 am

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Preparing for 2023 - Government Regulation, Employees, Customers and Business

As 2023 approaches, our world may become even more complex in terms of refrigerants, licensing, business expenses, efficiency, consumer demand and the technical and business skills needed to work within the industry. A combination of forces drives your business: your company’s needs, the needs of your customers, and the individual needs of your employees. However, these business components can often conflict with one another and are difficult to manage. Keeping these elements aligned and in sync is essential to growing your business. Join us at the Preparing for 2023 breakout to examine the new and existing challenges and discuss the tools and resources available to you to manage these conflicting demands. We will look at what’s in store for the industry and why things are changing during this workshop.

Ben Middleton, National Sales Training Manager, Daikin Comfort Technologies
Jennifer Bagley, CEO, CI WebGroup
Matthew Bratsis, Vice President Contractor Services, Optimus