Alison Repp and Doug Wyatt

Vice President, Synergy Learning Systems

October 19, 2022 9:45 am

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Communication Strategies to Inspire Your Team & Serve Customers Better

Prepare to laugh, prepare to be inspired, and prepare to communicate more effectively than ever before. Don’t let the psychotherapist title fool you, this session will be anything but medicinal or therapeutic. Influenced by Covey’s landmark work in The 7 Habits, participants will depart with influential processes to serve their customers better, recruit new team members with integrity, and generate more fulfilling relationships.

While obtaining a master’s degree in psychotherapy from CU Boulder, Alison worked a commission-only position with a door-to-door sales company. She quickly learned the power of managing her emotional state and succeeding in the face of rejection. She then opened her own private practice, coaching business leaders & CEO’s.  She has created online mindset courses, is an international speaker, and works with companies such as GE and Abbott Laboratories to develop their sales teams.  Alison has now partnered with Doug Wyatt to share some of their most powerful strategies with contractors.